Classic Instruments 2 1/8″ Clocks


Classic Instruments 2 1/8″ Clocks (choose series from drop down menu)

Gauge Series choice include:

  • Hot Rod
  • White Hot
  • Vintage
  • Silver Series
  • SG Series
  • Traditional
  • Classic White
  • Velocity Black
  • Velocity White
  • AutoCross Yellow
  • AutoCross Gray
  • All American Tradition
  • All American Nickel
  • Nostaligia
  • Red Steelie

All clocks come standard with low step bezels and flat glass, with the exception of All American, All American Nickel, Nostalgia, & Red Steelie.  The latter 4 series come standard with high step bezels & curved lenses.

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Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5.25 × 4.25 in
Gauge Series

Hot Rod, White Hot, Vintage, Silver Series, SG Series, Traditional, Classic White, Velocity Black, Velocity White, AutoCross Yellow, AutoCross Gray, All American Tradition, All American Nickel, Nostaligia, Red Steelie


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